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I was moving abroad for my job, and RemovalsSutton were amazing at handling my international removals for me. I was so pleased with the hard work of the team involved, and I had much more time to concentrate on getting used to the new country! Thank you so much!

  • Stephen Briar
  • 21Jun 2016

Great company! Sutton Removal Services is one of the best companies I have hired when relocating my belongings to a new property. Great communication, friendly staff, fast and efficient services. The list goes on. Bottom line is that I highly recommend them!

  • Zoe
  • 14Jul 2015

I had been carefully planning the firm's work with the move so that we could do both but we hit a snag. Some new work came in that was top priority, so the move was pushed back. We didn't want to wait on it though, so we got Sutton Removal Services to handle it. They saw to the move while we instead focused on our new work. Both things went well and soon everything was completed to satisfaction. The moving firm were lifesavers.

  • Rachel Burrows
  • 27May 2015